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Mouldings - Transform simple cabinetry into beautiful pieces of furniture


Welcome to White River's™ Product Spotlight, showcasing Design Solutions utilizing White River products. In this edition, the illustrated examples below, notice how easily simple cabinetry can transform into beautiful pieces of furniture. Base Mouldings and Panel Mouldings are easy to design with and are extremely versatile.

1. Base Mouldings can be applied to:


  • Island front and sides
  • Pilasters
  • Columns
  • With wall cabinet crowns
  • Hearth & Rangehood to counter tops
  • Wall cabinets to counter tops
  • Tall cabinetry, pantry, refrigerator cabinet, and wall oven


Note: A 4" high Base Moulding will work with standard Kitchen & Bath cabinetry.



1-A: Around Island front and sides
Panel Mould under Counter: MLD5972
Drop in panel: CRV5636, Base Moulding: B469

1-C Bottom of wall cabinet at counter top
Crown: MLD5840, Drop: CRV5636 & CRV5638
Capital: CRV5500, Pilaster: MLD5810
Plynth: RV5530, Base Moulding: B469
See Drawing at End

1-B: Around Range Hood at counter tops
Crown: MLD5846, Corbel: CRV5121, Drop: CRV5636
Hand-Carved Range Hood: RH6075, Base Moulding: B469




1-D: Around a Column
Column: CLM6210
Base Moulding: B463
See Drawing at End

1-E: Around a Pilaster
Capital: CRV5133, Pilaster: CA322
Plynth: CRV5149, Base: LCD4115
See Drawing at End

1-F: With a Ceiling Crown
Crown: MLD5868, MLD5942
Capital: CRV5133, CA327
See Drawing at End




White River™ offers a wide variety of Base Mouldings. Base considerations from the MonReale® Collection:


BA8442 (3/4" x 6")

BA8440 (3/4" x 6 ½")

BA8444 (3/4" x 6 ½")




Base considerations from the Ornamentally Embossed™ Collection:








Consider combining smooth lumber with Adornments™ Panel Moulding to create Base Moulding:


MLD1x4.5 with MLD5940

MLD1x4.5 with MLD5944

MLD1x4.5 with MLD5979


Note: Base Mouldings can be cut to 4" in height and used on all base cabinets in kitchens, baths, and all cabinetry throughout the home.


White River's MonReale Mouldings Collection  


White River's Mon Reale Collection offers 90 opulent profiles - our premier line for high-relief details. This Collection offers a complete moulding line - crowns, friezes, casings, bases and panel moulds that are designed to be used alone or combined together to create larger scale details. Mon Reale Mouldings are made from a fine grain overlay contoured to solid Poplar moulding that install with standard woodworking tools. All profiles are in-stock in Poplar, ship unfinished and can stain or paint. Curved work available. In-stock widths from 1"- 8 1/2". ( Limited Red Oak profiles in-stock only in Embossed and Traditional Collections)