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Pediments - Kitchen Applications


Welcome to White River's™ Product Spotlight, showcasing Design Solutions utilizing White River products. In this edition, the illustrated examples below, notice how pediments can bring the kitchen to a higher level. For most designers that have been in this industry for over five years and get tired of using the same crown mouldings over and over again, the use of a pediment or multiple pediments can bring their kitchen and bath designs to a higher level.


In the past, the Pediment was used over the doorway of an owner's home to state his bloodline, education, or social status. In other words, its purpose was to make a statement. Today a designer uses a pediment for the same reason — to make a statement.


The proper application is important. A designer does not want to overdo a design element, but at the same time should not be afraid of using pediments in multiple focal points. Below are a few examples of how to use pediments effectively.


Balancing a Window — Completing A Sink Wall

Without the extra height and interest of the pediments, the two side cabinets would easily fade away alongside this large center window.



Pediment: PED5663, Crown: MLD5867, Light Rail: MLD6018, Corbel: CRV5250
Sill: MLD5867, Column: CC6326, Panel Mould: MLD6018, Valance Board: VAL6402


Corner Cabinet

By pulling the corner cabinet forward and increasing its width and height, we can create the ideal place to make a statement with a pediment. Just one or two decorative elements can bring simple, stock cabinets to life.



Pediment: PED5673, Crown: MLD5869, 1x2, MLD6018, Light Rail: MLD5979, Valance: VAL6404


To Soften Larger Elements

Refrigerators, Wall Ovens, Pantries and Broom Closets are all larger, necessary elements in a kitchen that can be softened by the use of a pediment. The pediment will draw the viewers' attention and soften the object it is enhancing.



Pediment: PED5663, Crown Build-up: MLD5848, MLD5915
Side Cabinet Crown: 1x2's, MLD6024, Light Rail: MLD6018

Pediment: PED5667, Panel Mould: MLD5940
Foot: FT6295

Pediment: PED5671, Crown Build-up: MLD5839, MLD5982, Pilaster: CRV5495, MLD5808. CRV5529
Center Cabinet Crown: MLD5867, Light Rail: MLD6018, Carved Onlay: CRV5700


It's Time to Think Out of the Box!

A Designer gets the next level by thinking out of the box. Yes, you can take a pediment and place it on the top of a cabinet, step back and say, "Fantastico!"


Don't stop there. How about on the face of a hood or on the top of two windows? With White River Hardwoods' new Pediments — three styles in two sizes each — the sky is the limit!


Pediment: PED5669, Rangehood: MLD5867, MLD5890, PED5667, Corbel: CRV5263, Sill: MLD5867
Carved Scroll: CRV5649, Bottom Panel Mould: MLD6018, Middle Valance Board: VAL6402, Side Valance Board: VAL6404


White River's Pediment Collection  


White River's Pediment Collection offers 6 profiles in Maple and Cherry. This Collection features motifs that include acanthus, broken and ramshead designs. These profiles offer architectural detail for the entire project from millwork details, libraries, mantels, window valances, overdoor panels, rangehoods and transforming specialty cabinetry details in extraordinary design details. These profiles are in-stock in Maple and Cherry, ship unfinished and can stain or paint. Custom quotes of other species or sizes available upon request.